Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach and practice that focuses on the improvement of business process to make it more efficient. On the otherhand, Enterprise Resource Planning is a software system involving a number of integrated applications that are used to collect, store, manage and analyze data from various business activities.

It is essential to take note that there are certain differences between BPM and ERP. While BPM is aimed at optimizing and improving business processes, ERP is focused on integration of internal and external information across business functions.

Another difference between BPM and ERP is that BPM tends to be much more processed focused whereas ERP is limited to organizational functions.

Furthermore, while ERP is a system that integrates all company data in one place, BPM is used to analyze business workflow and processes.

Finally, while BPM is a practice and concept of managing business from end to end in order to improve efficiency, ERP is a software and vital organizational tool that integrates various organizational systems in one place.

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