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THE PURSUIT OF THE PERFECT COFFEE. FRESHLY ROASTED BEAN COFFEE. Latest Products. Irish Crème Flavored Coffee. 4.00–3.00 Select . A Perfect Cup. Grades. Coffee grades are based on size of beans and number of defects. Kona coffee is graded Extra Fancy, Fancy, No. 1 and Prime (Type I) . 8 avq 2018 - When you are ready to move from 'serious about coffee' to 'kinda fanatical about coffee', you can even 'create' the perfect water for coffee by . Perfect Partners for Small Venues. Fracino, creator of the world's most powerful espresso coffee machines, presents the Heavenly. These contemporary . Heavenly Roast Coffee was born as the result of a chance meeting that led us to . it seemed that an angelic image for Heavenly Roast Coffee would be perfect. Jump to Brewing up the perfect cup. - If you bought coffee beans now will be the time to grind these little fellows into a fairly coarse powder, similar to ground black . Heavenly Coffees we host a number of coffee events throughout the year and . Using your scale, timer & shot glasses to get the perfect shot; Cost R350.00 per . Looking for the perfect dessert? Heavenly Cafe has an incredible selection of cakes and treats made in-house at their bakery and also brought in from the finest . We offer a wide range of training courses to help you and your staff become passionate about coffee and learn how to serve the perfect cup.

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