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The other main reason I like, wanted and own a pocket watch is comfort. I cannot stand wristwatches. I have one. It's a heavy, stainless steel . 2016. 12. 23. - It goes without saying that if it doesn't work out on the wrist, I am fully prepared to chain it up, wind it daily and wear it as a pocket watch. Antique Swiss Pocket Watch from my Father in Law . Link to Civil War Watch Exhibit and Seminar on the American Watches Forum · Clint Geller, Saturday at . Antique, vintage & modern clocks and pocket watches. this makes the watch bring a dazzling embellishment to the wearer's wrist. . is crafted from carefully selected precious metals for an elegant and comfortable fit. Front Page Watchprosite forums provide detailed reports, reviews and discussion on . professionals and buyers seeking information on luxury brand watches. I'm still not at the comfort level to wear a suit (or tie) in my current work environment, but I have a nice vintage pocket watch that I'd like to carry. Pocket Watches Forum. 2K likes. : an unique forum dedicated to antique pocket watches. Ce forum, unique en son genre,. Last April I bought my first Rolex, a new Submariner. It is the most comfortable and enchanting watch that I have ever owned, and I have had .

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