heavenly floor24

This page is under construction. Bring lots and lots of anti-black cats. Players can think of this level as a harder Black Premonition, and it can be countered usingĀ . I hate this stage. Black Premo with Dark Lazer instead of Bun Bun, but you can't get a late Dark Lazer spawn unlike Bun Bun . Black enemies = Jizo. Meow. The Battle Cats - Heavenly Tower Floor 24. Haru yo. Loading. Unsubscribe from Haru yo? Cancel . Okay, remake of old infamouse level: Dark Premonition. Except, more cancer. Stack Polevaulter at early wave . Hate this one with a passion. The base spits out massive waves of black enemies for a long period of time. If . Heavenly Tower - Floor 24 - The battle cats. . Heavenly Tower - Floor 24 - The battle cats. J Triple P .

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