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Feb 12, 2019 - First published on MSDN on Oct 22, 2012 Authored by Ed Price This blog post originates with the question in the Small Basic FAQ . We also . Oct 22, 2012 - What are the unique features of the Small Basic language? Imperative. Just like the early variants of BASIC, Small Basic is imperative and doesn't use or expose beginners to concepts like scopes, types, object orientation, and more. Size. Ease of Use. Easy to Share. Type System. Variables. Events. Libraries. The Environment is simple but rich in features, offering beginners several of the benefits that . What are the unique features of the Small Basic language? GraphicsWindow.ShowMessage( 'Game Over', 'Small Basic Tetris' ) EndWhile. Sub MainLoop template = Text.Append('template', Math.GetRandomNumber(7)) Small Basic is the only programming language created specially to help students transition from block-based coding to text-based coding. By teaching the . GraphicsWindow.BrushColor = 'Blue' MkNewBtnSet = Controls.AddButton('Make New Button Set' 40,gh-105) ' Unique caption. Controls.SetSize(MkNewBtnSet . 'This Small Basic program generates a 'Simple' random maze 'i.e One which has 1 Entry . 'into basic programming after quite a long absence. Also to try and Nov 5, 2018 - Looking for an easy way to get started with coding? Try these Microsoft Small Basic coding projects to learn programming today. Feb 9, 2010 - Created by Vijaye Raji, Small Basic is a simple (only 15 keywords) but powerful environment for getting started programming. . Small Basic is part of MSDN DevLabs and just released version 0.8. It's the eighth Thats cool.

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