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Largely developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox is an open source Web browser available on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is the second most popular Web browser on the Internet as of 2013. . Firefox is the only open source Web browser among the most used browsers on the Web as of . Feb 27, 2019 - Download ChroPath for Firefox for Firefox. AutonomIQ offers a developers platform ChroPath to generate & validate unique selectors like . Download Firefox extension to customize tabs and the new tab page. Discover extensions that can control tabs, change the way you interact with them, and . Everybody's favorite open-source browser, Firefox, is great right out of the box. And by . Get to be a Jedi master with the following cool Firefox tricks. 1) More . Feb 9, 2015 - The article lists extensions and add-ons that are only available to Firefox and cannot be replicated by other browsers. Nov 17, 2017 - The cool thing with the Firefox plugin is that I can log to any service in 1 click . After installing it in your Firefox browser, Grammarly will detect . Mar 4, 2016 - These cool tips and tricks may make you reconsider Firefox. . from one another, there are certain quirks and functions that are unique to each. May 1, 2017 - This list of the best Firefox add-ons will put you on the path to web browsing nirvana. Apr 9, 2019 - Firefox is testing a new anti-tracking feature that will prevent sites from . build a unique fingerprint for you and use this to track you across sites.

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